Good Down Home Louisiana Soul Food:


Love, passion and Louisiana style are the major ingredients that make up any good Soul Food Restaurant and you’ll quickly discover that the chef uses all the major ingredients to bring Louisiana style soul food to the Central Valley.

The chef and owner is originally from Louisiana and learned from a young age to use all the major southern ingredients, which were passed down from generation to generation.  As a young girl, Keva had a passion for cooking and felt her happy place was in the kitchen.  While Keva prepared meals for her family, she felt God's presence, love and purpose, which was cooking.


Keva worked various jobs but always came back to her passion of cooking for church ministries, events, family gathering and work place environments.  The many compliments that Keva has received through the years on her cooking has inspired her to open her own Good Down Home Louisiana Soul Food Restaurant,  so everyone could enjoy Soul Food from their own home.